Poco X6 Neo Review

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Poco X6 Neo

Poco X6 Neo

Poco X6 Neo is the most affordable model of the X6 series. Other models in the X6 and X6 Pro series borrow some components from Xiaomis Redmi series devices. But no matter how you look at it the X6 Neo is basically a different name for the Redmi Note 13R Pro. We havent seen the model either so this is a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

As the cheapest model of the lX6 Neo series it loses some of the best features of the more expensive models. Theres a camera on the back and the chip has been downgraded to the MediaTek Dimensity 6080 but there are some interesting things to look forward to including a design thats said to be the thinnest Poco device ever made. 120Hz AMOLED display 108MP camera with 3x lossless zoom. The starting price is INR 15999 (around $192) which is much cheaper than the X6 and X6 Pro. Lets see what you can get for the money.

The design of the Poco X6 Neo is one of its unique features. As mentioned earlier this is claimed to be Poco’s thinnest phone and it shows. At just 7.7mm thick the phone feels thin in the hand. Even with the case the X6 Neo is slimmer than other phones without a case.

The X6 Neo is made entirely of plastic except for Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front. However the choice of materials makes the phone feel nicer than usual in this price range. The edges of the frame are completely smooth with a matte texture. But its the back thats the star of the show in this version of Mars Orange. The entire back has colorful lights and light beams that move when you move the phone under the light to resemble a sand dune. This is a very interesting model that adds a lot of character to the design of the phone. However this is limited to this particular color as Astral Black and Horizon Blue finishes are quite common.

Near the top of the phone is a large camera island that can be seen on other Poco X6 phones. There are only two camera lenses here and only one of them is usable. Theres also an LED flash and a circular pattern thats meant for visual symmetry and doesnt work. The camera island on this variant also has an iridescent look like the rest of the back but is more glossy than matte. Both lenses also have a nice glossy ring around them. The rest of the design is quite thin and uniform with a subtle camera cutout at the top and a fairly thin and uniform front bezel. All the physical buttons are on the right side with the headphone jack and IR Blaster on top.

The overall design of the X6 Neo is very nice and very nice considering the price of the device. Even small details like the front glass integrated into the side bezel and the lack of rubbery edges like phones in this price range set it apart from the competition. Despite its plastic construction it is very robust and is IP54 dust and water resistant.



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