Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s Secret Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out

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Unlike the young cads with six-pack abs who used to fill hot tubs on ABC BachelorGerry Turner, handsome, 72-year-old star The Golden Bachelor The spinoff brought fresh air and life to the franchise in a way rarely seen on reality TV: real depth and sensitivity.

Still a grieving widow, Gerry (pronounced Gyri) sheds real tears in the opening episode as she tells the story of Toni, her beloved wife of 43 years, tragically dying of an illness, a month after they retire to their “dream” home on Big Long Lake in Hudson, Indiana. Pope 537).

It was an amazing back story. But our Bachelor was able to switch gears and easily hook up with the show’s attractive — and equally high-profile — female contestants. In doing so, he demonstrated such emotional awareness, precision, and willingness to listen that his entire personality seemed to have been matured in some perfect human laboratory.

The “ladies” – as they were called on the show – quickly started flirting and declaring their love for him, and let’s be honest, we all of them He fell gently. Apparently, the world saw that magic while watching Golden Gerry and his ladies. Premier achieved the highest level of multi-platform Bachelor franchise from 2021, with 13.9 million viewers. It also set a streaming record as ABC’s most-watched series on All After a 35-day run.

The idea that this sleazy guy is waking up to modern life right before our eyes — “I mean, I haven’t dated in 45 years,” he says. Entertainment tonight – It made him a very interesting character. He looks very healthy and preachy, on Daily show Comedian Lewis Black said, “This guy looks like the word ‘G Willikers’ if he was a person.”

But even in this golden variety, this is, at bottom, a reality show, a genre known for frequent breaks with reality.

“Then in August I got a call from Jerry,” she said. “I was shocked to hear from him.”

On that call, Gerry mentions that he’s coming to Davenport to work on his wife’s estate, and Carolyn asks if he can help by donating Tony’s corporate wardrobe to dress for success.

She was happy to help. Gerry took her to dinner after Thanksgiving.

“I was encouraged by the idea of ​​going with a recent widow,” says Carolyn. “I really didn’t see it. Until I went back and looked at my text messages, I had no idea that Jerry’s texts had turned hot and serious relatively recently.

Indeed, an eager and self-deprecating Gerry texts, “I got lucky when you said you’d have dinner with me two weeks ago. I mean, how many times does an old geezer get to meet a pretty girl?

Soon, Gerry said, “You’re the perfect woman for me. Look no further.

Jerry continued asking Caroline to move in with him at the lake house for a year before she considered the matter.

Finally, Carolyn falls hard, driving five hours with Jerry to his dream home on Big Long Lake for what will be a fun weekend to remember.

After a year of such weekends, she finally agreed to go to him. But before leaving her settled life in Iowa, Gerry promises her elderly mother that he intends to eventually marry Carolyn.

she says. THR He suggested that she quit her job and find a new job near a lake. This confirmed…

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